Timeshare Freedom Group Ratings and Reviews: Check It Before You Exit Your Timeshare

After enjoying a weekend of luxury, it’s no wonder many people who listen to timeshare presentations end up buying a property. Regular access to a beautiful vacation property sounds like a dream.

But for plenty of timeshare owners, those dreams can quickly turn into nightmares. When that happens, a timeshare exit company might sound like the solution. Here’s what you need to know about Timeshare Freedom Group.

Who is Timeshare Freedom Group and What Do They Do?

Timeshare Freedom Group has offices in 10 states, including Virginia, Illinois, New York and Florida. It provides its services to clients in person or over the phone, so you don’t have to live in the same state to work with the company.

Timeshare Freedom Group promises to negotiate on behalf of timeshare owners with resorts and developers. It’s not a resale company, meaning it won’t list your timeshare for sale or try to recoup the timeshare cost for you. 

Its goal is instead to cancel timeshare contracts, freeing owners from any further obligations. The company claims to have a four-part process to help timeshare owners get rid of their properties.

The first step is the consultation, which can be over the phone or in person. During the consultation, a representative from the company will provide a client with an estimate of the total cost of the timeshare over time in contrast to the cost of canceling the timeshare. 

The company stresses that the consultation is free and no pressure. If a potential client decides to move forward after the consultation, the next step is to put together a plan. At this point, a client will be assigned to a client manager.

The client manager creates a strategy for the client, designed to get them out of their contract permanently and legally. The manager acts as the primary point of contact for the client and answers any questions a person has. A client might also work with a legal professional if necessary, although the company stresses that it doesn’t sue developers and isn’t a law firm. 

To help the process go smoothly, the client manager will most likely ask a client for paperwork, such as documents from the timeshare company and copies of recent bills.

The third step in Timeshare Freedom Group’s process is execution. At this point, the company will handle most of the work. The manager will keep the client updated monthly. Depending on the situation, the company claims that the third phase can take as long as 24 months.

The final step in the process is timeshare cancellation. At this point, Timeshare Freedom Group will have the exit terms from the timeshare company. The company reviews the terms with the client to ensure that the details are clear and that the client understands what is happening. Once the process is complete, the client will get a document confirming in writing that they are free from their timeshare contract. 

Timeshare Freedom Group claims to have a high success rate, saying it’s helped more than 15,000 clients over 10 years. If it can’t help someone or fails to cancel a contract after 24 months, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

To help ensure its success, the company only works with people who own properties on its approved list of timeshare companies.

Timeshare Freedom Group’s Timeshare Exit Costs

It’s common for timeshare exit companies to be vague about their fees, and Timeshare Freedom Group is no exception. One reason for that is that every timeshare owner’s situation is different. 

Timeshare Freedom Group is a little more forthcoming than other exit firms about how it determines the price of its services. It notes that the price depends on how much a timeshare owner owes on the property and the cost of maintenance fees. How long someone has owned the timeshare and the resort they work with also influences the cost.

While Timeshare Freedom Group doesn’t provide specific price ranges, some reviewers have mentioned the amount they paid the company. Generally, people say they’re paying several thousand dollars upfront for the company’s services.

Timeshare Freedom Group promises to refund the client’s money if the company cannot cancel a timeshare contract within 24 months. It doesn’t mention whether it offers escrow or a payment plan that allows clients to see the results of its services before they pay thousands of dollars.

Can You Trust Timeshare Freedom Group?

It pays to get a trusted opinion before deciding to give a company thousands of dollars. In the case of Timeshare Freedom Group, it’s smart to be wary. The company doesn’t have the best track record online.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) hasn’t accredited Timeshare Freedom Group and has given the company an “F rating.” The “F” rating is because the company hasn’t responded to several complaints filed against it.

As of 2021, the company has 12 complaints filed against it on the BBB’s site. About one-third of the complaints have been unanswered. 

Trustpilot also lets potential clients assess the trustworthiness of a company. The website gives Timeshare Freedom Group a rating of “poor,” thanks to an average star rating of 2.5 out of 5. The site notes that Timeshare Freedom Group is currently rated 76 out of 76 companies in its category on Trustpilot. Timeshare Freedom Group responds to 16% of the negative reviews posted about it.

What’s Good About Timeshare Freedom Group

  • The company provides a detailed description of its process. Timeshare Freedom Group provides a thorough explanation of what it will do and how it works with clients on its website. Outlining its four-step process, it gives potential clients an idea of what the company can do for them that they might not be able to do on their own.
  • Timeshare Freedom Group isn’t a law firm and doesn’t sue timeshare companies, but it does have legal professionals on staff if a client’s case demands legal action. The legal team can also help clients better understand their rights and the legal expectations of timeshare ownership.
  • The company does say that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee, which can reassure some clients. If the company doesn’t free a client from their timeshare within the allotted time, they will give the service fee back.

What’s Bad About Timeshare Freedom Group

  • The company seems to backtrack on its promises. Many of the most recent reviews of the timeshare exit company claim it’s a scam. A frequent complaint is that the company constantly extends the amount of time it needs to help timeshare owners get out of their contracts. Some reviewers note that they were initially told six months, which soon turned into nine months, which soon turned into 15.
  • It can be challenging to get a refund from Timeshare Freedom Group. Although the company says it will give back service fees if it doesn’t get people out of their contracts within 24 months, some reviewers claim to have had difficulty getting the money owed to them.
  • The company’s story seems to be wishy-washy. The BBB says that the company has been in business since 2017, but Trustpilot states it was founded in 2010. On Trustpilot, the company claims to have helped more than 7,600 clients. On its website, Timeshare Freedom Group says it has helped more than 15,000 clients.

Lawsuits against Timeshare Freedom Group

In 2020, Timeshare Freedom Group was part of a lawsuit brought by Diamond Resorts against 13 defendants. The case lists Timeshare Freedom Group and its owner, Jordan Salkin, as part of a “ring” of timeshare exit companies that use fraudulent practices and false advertising to trick timeshare owners. 

The suit charges that the company, and others named in the lawsuit, tell clients to stop paying their timeshare contracts, which is the extent of the “services” provided. According to the case, the companies act as if there are attorneys involved and that the company’s actions are legitimate. 

According to the lawsuit, the actions of Timeshare Freedom Group and others named in the suit do nothing more than put clients in financial jeopardy, increasing their risk of foreclosure. 

Jordan Salkin, the owner of Timeshare Freedom Group, has faced some legal problems of his own that potential clients might want to know about. Salkin has been in court several times on domestic abuse charges, including attempted murder. One girlfriend was allegedly beaten severely enough to end up in a vegetative state in 2017. A few years later, Salkin was charged with threatening another girlfriend and her young son with a gun. He was convicted of attempted murder in 2019, but the conviction was later overturned. He is currently awaiting retrial in Orange County, Calif. This is a criminal matter that will be decided by the courts. We are providing the information because it’s a matter of public record and.

Online Reputation

Timeshare Freedom Group doesn’t have an excellent reputation online. There are reviews of the company on the BBB, Trustpilot and Yelp, and the majority are negative. 

As of 2021, there are 20 reviews of Timeshare Freedom Group on the BBB. The company has an average rating of 1.8 out of 5 stars. Here’s a sample of what people are saying:

Some people are much more succinct in their criticism of the company:

On Trustpilot, the company’s average rating is 2.5 out of 5 stars but the most recent reviews are all one-star ratings. It looks as though the company was originally able to reimburse or reward people for leaving positive reviews. Here’s an example of what people are saying lately:

Finally, on Yelp, reviewers are also largely disappointed and angry with the company. Most of the reviews mention waiting long periods without seeing any results:

Timeshare Freedom Group’s website

Over on Timeshare Freedom Group’s website, its ratings look a bit different than they do on Yelp or the BBB. The company has several glowing reviews posted on its site. Although the reviews are generally positive, a few say that the process took longer than expected, which is in line with the negative reviews on the other sites. The company touts the business “as seen on” the NFL Network, NBA Today, ESPN, CNN Headline News and Fox News channel, among others.

On a more general note, the company’s website is cleanly designed and encourages visitors to schedule a free consultation. The website also lists contact information, including a phone number and information for each of the offices.

Social Media Presence

Timeshare Freedom Group does have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But those accounts aren’t updated regularly. Sometimes several months pass between posts.

Engagement is low on all profiles. The company has just two Twitter followers and around 160 followers on Instagram. Its posts get just a handful of likes.

The Bottom Line

You might have been suckered into buying a timeshare in the first place, and now you want out. Doing your due diligence when choosing which timeshare exit company to work with will help you avoid falling victim to a scam again


Who owns Timeshare Freedom Group? 

Timeshare Freedom Group doesn’t mention its owner by name on its website, but lawsuits filed against the company point to Jordan Salkin as the owner. 

Where is Timeshare Freedom Group located?

The company has 15 offices in 10 states, including five in California, two in Florida, one in New York and one in Ohio.

What Are Timeshare Freedom Group’s Office Hours?

Office hours vary by location, but Timeshare Freedom Group is generally open seven days a week during business hours.

Does AARP (or any Other Big Group) Endorse Timeshare Freedom Group?

It doesn’t look as though AARP or any other organization endorses the company.

What is the Contact Information for Timeshare Freedom Group?

The primary phone number for Timeshare Freedom Group is 1-866-539-9531. There’s also a contact page on its website.