Timeshare Adventures Ratings and Reviews: Check It Before You Exit Your Timeshare

Choosing a timeshare exit company can often be an adventure. They usually work in one of two ways: some work to cancel your contract or persuade the resort to take your timeshare back while others promise to sell your timeshare or to help you earn money by renting it out. Timeshare Adventures is a timeshare resale firm: they promise “lots of targeted, interested buyers, sellers, and renters.”

If you have a timeshare you don’t want, that will sound like a very attractive proposition, but if considering it, be careful. Timeshare scams abound when you’re buying a timeshare, and there are plenty around when you’re trying to sell one as well. Some timeshare sales firms charge significant amounts to list a timeshare, and many don’t produce a sale or rental.

Will Timeshare Adventures deliver? Let’s take a closer look.

Who Is Timeshare Adventures and What Do They Do?

Timeshare Adventures Inc. (TAI) is based in North St. Petersburg, Fla. The Timeshare Adventures website does not list any owners or officers of the company. Registration documents with the Florida Division of Corporations list Paul Aitken of Gainesville, Florida as the Registered Agent and Deborah Daily of North St. Petersburg as President.

Florida Division of Corporations records indicate that the company was incorporated as Timeshare Adventures Inc. on April 30, 2004. In 2017, the company changed its name to Timeshare Sales Team Inc but continued doing business as Timeshare Adventures.

It is not clear whether TAI is still operating. The registration documents list the company as inactive due to voluntary dissolution as of Oct. 12, 2020. No effective date is listed for the dissolution. Google’s location function lists the business as “permanently closed.” The website is still online and soliciting business.

What They Do: Timeshare Sales

Their website describes the company as a “for sale or rent by owner” advertising company. They post ads aimed at selling or renting timeshares. Timeshare Adventures calls itself a “full-service timeshare resale and rental marketing program.” They describe their services this way:

We pledge to provide effective timeshare property exposure through state of the art advertising mediums. To this end, we have staffed our company with knowledgeable, experienced and talented timeshare marketing representatives. We have the experience to help you define your goals, target your market and close your sale. Our vision is to fulfill your vacation dreams and save you money thru education and useful information.

Source: Timeshare Adventures

The website also claims that the company can cancel timeshares and mortgages if the resort misrepresented its offering during the timeshare sale process.

Timeshare Adventures does maintain a database of timeshare sale/rental ads. Here’s a typical example:

Timeshare Adventures makes some impressive claims. They state that over $16,384,168 worth of timeshares were sold or rented to date, with an average of over $1 million per year.

Their list of deals currently in progress is less impressive.

We note that the annual breakdown has not been updated since 2017. The website offers a long list of timeshares allegedly sold or rented, but there’s no way to verify the claims.

The Guarantee

The front page of the Timeshare Adventures site promises a money-back guarantee, which they call the “best in the timeshare industry.” The actual terms of the guarantee are found inside the site.

Timeshare Adventures guarantees that if a Platinum Ad is sold during the ad period in any other way than through Timeshare Adventures within 50% of your original asking price, Timeshare Adventures will refund 50% of the Platinum Ad fee upon proof of a bona fide sale.

Timeshare Adventures guarantees that if your property is rented during the ad period any other way than through Timeshare Adventures within 25% of the original asking price, Timeshare Adventures will refund 50% of the rental ad fee upon proof of a bona fide rental. A rental reservation fee of $49.95 is due from the property owner at the time of the rental.

The guarantee apparently only applies to “platinum ads.” Timeshare Adventures does not guarantee that they will sell or rent your timeshare. They guarantee that if you sell or rent it yourself for over 50% of your asking price, they will refund half of your listing payment. They also state that sellers using platinum ads will pay no closing costs.

What They Do: Timeshare Exits

Timeshare Adventures also offers timeshare exit services. The website states “If you have purchased within the past 10 years and feel you have been lied to or coerced into purchasing a timeshare or vacation club/ownership, please let us know.”

They describe their timeshare exit service in this way.

A vacation advocate will be personally assigned to each owner and they will contact the owner directly via telephone after signing up. A case file will be prepared which includes purchase contracts or agreements, an interview from the timeshare owner and an authorization letter among other things needed to cancel the timeshare contract.

The vacation advocate will consult and advise the client on direction and strategy to terminate the existing relationship with resort. They will also explain to the timeshare owner how the process works and when they might be able to stop making payments to the resort for the mortgage and or when the ownership will be canceled.

Upon timeshare cancellation, the now former timeshare owner will receive written confirmation.

It is not clear whether timeshare exit services are guaranteed in any way. No guarantee is stated, so it seems safe to assume that there is none.

Timeshare Adventures’ Timeshare Exit Costs

Timeshare Adventures does not disclose the cost of its services. This is normal in the timeshare exit business, because different cases may have different requirements. Timeshare sales or rental firms are essentially selling advertisements, which do not vary in complexity, but there is still no disclosure. The reference to “platinum ads” does suggest a multi-tier ad structure but no prices are cited.

We can get some sense of the price range from reviews and complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other review sites. Several of these cite prices.

  • “May 5, 2016 I sent $3,439.76 Canadian to Timeshare Adventures to advertise/negotiate rental and eventual sale of my timeshare at Grandview, Las Vegas.”
  • “We spent $600 for them to list our property.”
  • “I paid $200 up front to have my timeshare rented.”
  • “Once you pay the fee, in my case $795.00…”
  • “They took $595 from me”
  • “I paid $5,000 to this company to get me out of two timeshares that I owned and to assist me with getting back the money that I paid to the timeshare company.”

This is a limited sample, but it suggests a highly variable pricing scheme for rental/sales listings, with the amounts paid ranging from $200 USD to $3,439.76 Canadian, (roughly US$2,700). The one reviewer who refers to timeshare exit paid $5,000, which is a fairly typical fee for timeshare exit services.

Can You Trust Timeshare Adventures?

There are several immediate red flags with a quick look at the Timeshare Adventures website. The site claims to be certified by several “independent 3rd party companies.”

The “Online Business Bureau” is not the Better Business Bureau. It doesn’t appear to be anything at all: its physical address is a shared office space managed by Virtual Office and it has almost no online presence. It is not a reliable certifying body. “ValidatedSite” has no working website of its own and Ranking.com does not appear to be a certifying body. This may not be a good sign.

We can find no record of any lawsuit against the company by a timeshare resort. One complaint indicates that the timeshare owners were referred to Timeshare Adventures by the resort itself for rental advertisement. We don’t see any record of legal or regulatory action by any government agency, or of consumer lawsuits.

If we look at the Better Business Bureau page, we see that Timeshare Adventures is not accredited and carries an “F” rating, indicating that they do not respond to customer complaints. The BBB lists a “pattern of complaints” for the company.

The volume of reviews is not high: the company has an average of one of five stars from three one-star reviews, and there are seven complaints.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are a mixed indicator. Some customers simply cannot be satisfied, and others do not fully understand the business. Some companies place positive reviews on popular review sites. It’s still worth looking for patterns in reviews or complaints. In general, more detailed reviews are considered more likely to be authentic.

Any way you look at it, the reviews and complaints on Timeshare Adventures don’t paint a happy picture. From the BBB reviews page:

The BBB complaints are even more explicit. These are some examples.

While the responses from Timeshare Adventures claim that these complaints are resolved, there is no indication of what the resolution was and no indication of satisfaction from the consumers.

Timeshare Adventures claims that selling and rental prices are set by the timeshare owner. Reviews consistently indicate that Timeshare Adventures recommends sales and rental prices. The asking prices seem to be extremely high and not in proportion to the actual market for secondhand timeshares.

The practice of recommending unrealistically high prices indicates that the company is less interested in selling timeshares than it is in attracting paid listings. Leading sellers to believe that they can recoup substantial sums from a sale will encourage owners to pay a listing fee, but it is not likely to attract many buyers.

Timeshare Adventures does list deals in progress, but we note that the four sales currently under negotiation involve, according to the company, a total value of $4,500, an average of $1,125 each. This is far lower than the suggested prices reported in reviews or the typical prices listed on ads.

It is very important to note that before you agree to a sales price and pay a company to list your timeshare on the resale market, do some research to see what comparable properties sell for on Redweek.com, eBay or even Craigslist. If a company tells you that you should list your timeshare at a sales price of $20,000 and other properties regularly sell for $2,000, you should get a second opinion.

There’s nothing wrong with selling timeshares for low prices: most secondhand timeshares have little or no market value. But leading consumers to believe that their timeshares have a much higher value in order to encourage listings is a very suspicious practice.

Reviews on Yelp are very similar, with one two-star and five one-star reviews.

On Revdex, another review site, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, though most contain little or no detail.

What’s Good About Timeshare Adventures

  • Offers sales, rentals, and timeshare contract cancellation.
  • Positive reviews on one review site.
  • Claims a money-back guarantee (with restrictions).
  • No closing costs for platinum ad siubcribers.

What’s Bad About Timeshare Adventures

  • Uncertain company status: business is officially closed but the website is still soliciting customers.
  • Claimed certification from dubious or nonexisytent bodies.
  • Extremely poor reviews on better-known review sites.
  • Pattern of reviews indicating unrealistic recommended prices.
  • Website apparently not updated since 2018.

Timeshare Adventures’ Website

The Timeshare Adventures website is long on content but short on style: the dark brown and gold design looks like it goes back to the late 90s. The top banner no longer displays due to a Flash player compatibility issue. In between the large blank spaces on the opening page, there is a proud welcome.

There’s no indication of who these staff members are or what their experience is. The “About Us” page has a picture of three smiling people looking like they’d love to do business, but it does not contain names or bios of any owners, officers or staff.

What the site lacks in visual appeal it makes up for in quantity: there are over 30 internal link pages at the bottom of the page and another 10 in the sidebar.

The pages follow a distinct pattern. They contain numerous claims of superior service and a strong track record of selling and renting timeshares. They cite glowing customer testimonials, none of them sourced from credible customer review sites. The “Trusted Site” logo of the “Online Business Bureau” appears on almost every page.

There is a timeshare search function, but the “featured timeshares” block is empty. There are numerous ads posted on the site: there’s no master list but a search function allows searches by destination. For Orlando, Fla., there are 570 ad listings; for Maui — Kaanapali Beach there are 34. There’s no way to tell when these ads were listed or whether the units are still available.

Several entries on the “Testimonials” page claim that units were sold. These testimonials give ad numbers, and the numbers link to ads that are still displayed on the site. It is not clear why units that are claimed as “sold” in testimonials are still listed for sale.

As mentioned above, the site includes detailed lists of timeshares allegedly sold and rented each year, but the latest entries on the lists are in 2017 and 2018.

The website contains no information on ad pricing or ad tiers. There are several references to “Platinum Ads” that carry certain privileges, mainly a promise that the company will cover closing costs for platinum ad users. There is no indication of what platinum ads cost or what other tiers are available.

Overall, the website contains numerous promises but very little detail, and it appears not to have been updated for at least three years.

Social Media Presence

There are no social media links on the Timeshare Adventures website, and the company does not appear to have any presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Timeshare Adventures does maintain a LinkedIn page, though it contains no posts and minimal details about the company. The page has 59 followers and lists 9 employees currently on LinkedIn. One employee, Rebecca Bourgeois, is listed as “Administration of Assistance in Timeshares”. Her profile states that she has been with the company from 2003 to the present.

At least three other employees list themselves as currently employed at Timeshare Adventures.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot of uncertainty about this company, starting with whether or not it is actually in business. Its official business registration documents state that the company is dissolved, and Google’s location function states that the office is permanently closed.

At the same time, the website is active and lists timeshares for sale and for rent. LinkedIn pages state that Timeshare Adventures has current employees.

If these questions aren’t enough to deter you, the website itself is filled with questionable claims and references to questionable certifications. Anyone familiar with the timeshare resale market knows that prices are low and many units simply cannot be sold, but there is no disclaimer to this effect on the Timeshare Adventures site.

To cap it off, user reviews on several review sites are filled with claims that Timeshare Adventures recommended unrealistic selling prices, took money to list units and produced absolutely nothing.

If you are trying to sell your timeshare, you may come across Timeshare Adventures on an online search. We can find no verifiable record of successful sales or rentals, and there are numerous detailed complaints. The company may not even be open, though you might still find someone there who’s willing to take your money!

You can list your timeshare for sale or rent at Redweek or Timeshare Users Group for a fraction of the price with transparent pricing, and that may be a better first step if you’d like to explore selling or renting your timeshare, or — if you don’t want to try the DIY method — check out our list of recommended companies.


Who Owns Timeshare Adventures?

The Timeshare Adventures website does not list owners. The Company’s incorporation documents list Paul Aitken of Gainesville, Fla., as the Registered Agent and Deborah Daily of North St. Petersburg as President.

What Days/Hours is Timeshare Adventures Open?

The BBB lists office hours as 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. of Friday, and 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. Google’s location function lists the office as permanently closed.

Does the AARP or Any Other Group Endorse Timeshare Adventures?

Online reviews indicate that at least one timeshare resort has referred customers seeking to rent their unit to Timeshare Adventures. We can find no record of any other endorsement.

What is the Contact Information for Timeshare Adventures?

The listed phone number is (800) 581-7330. The email address is info@timeshareadventures.com