Resort Advisory Group Ratings and Reviews: Check it Before You Exit Your Timeshare

If you’re trying to get out of a timeshare contract that has gone bad and you’re at your wit’s end, there are many companies to choose from. However, before you hire a company to step in and help, you’ll have questions:

  • Is it legitimate or could it be a scam?
  • Does the company live up to its promises?
  • What does it charge for services?

You get the idea.

One of these companies is the Resort Advisory Group, which calls itself “Leaders in Timeshare Resolutions.” But does it get results? Let’s take a look.

Who is Resort Advisory Group and What Do They Do?

The Resort Advisory Group is based in Irvine, Calif., and entered the timeshare exit business in 2003. RAG is one of the oldest timeshare exit companies in the crowded timeshare exit arena, according to the company.

It says: “RESORT ADVISORY GROUP’s team of specialists, analysts, and other professionals have extensive experience in building strong cases that persuade developers on the wisdom of resolving timeshare contracts that were based on fraudulent misrepresentations.”

This implies that they specialize in cases where a developer may have made fraudulent claims during the timeshare sales presentation. There are several different ways to exit your timeshare contract legally, but going after fraudulent claims can be a successful strategy.

When an attorney experienced in timeshare exits reviews your contract specifically looking for legal misrepresentations it can boost your chances of success.

Resort Advisory Group Timeshare Exit Costs

While trying to exit a timeshare contract is a lengthy and expensive process, some timeshare exit companies charge more money as well as various additional fees. 

The Resort Advisory Group website reports its services can cost between $3,000 to $6,000. The fees will depend on every situation, RAG adds. 

Some reviewers of the RAG services found online report the company requires no upfront payment, which is usually good for customers since the timeshare exit company does not get paid until the service is completed. 

The Resort Advisory Group states it also provides credit protection for its customers which could prevent a credit score from getting negative marks throughout the timeshare exit process. This can be important since some strategies involve intentionally defaulting on timeshare payments, and that can sometimes mean your credit score takes a big hit.

Does the Resort Advisory Group Offer a Guarantee?

“No, rather than offer a non-backed guarantee, the RESORT ADVISORY GROUP offers an escrow service that assures you that the RESORT ADVISORY GROUP does not get paid until you get out. It’s the industry’s only true guarantee that protects you, the consumer.”

This is odd because videos in various locations online — including its Facebook page — state it will give back 100% of your money guaranteed if it cannot get you out of the contract. Is there a guarantee? It’s unclear.

But escrow is a good sign. With escrow, a third party holds the money until a particular condition has been met (such as the fulfillment of a purchase agreement).

In real estate transactions, escrow protects both the buyer and the seller. It offers protection in case the company abandons your case, can’t get results, suddenly goes out of business or declares bankruptcy.

Can You Trust Resort Advisory Group?

The timeshare exit industry is loaded with scammers so it’s always good to learn as much as you can about a company.

One way of deciding if a potential client can trust a business such as RAG is to explore its online presence, reviews from past and current customers and reports from reputable agencies (such as the Better Business Bureau.)

RAG is listed on BBB, Trustpilot and Yelp.

The Resort Advisory Group has earned an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB reports RAG started its business on Oct. 23, 2011 and locally in California on July 13, 2015. It also has two addresses listed on the BBB site, both with the same logo.

It has been BBB accredited since July 18, 2016, and opened its file with BBB in July 2015.

There are 38 reviews and eight complaints as of late 2021. However, it appears RAG does respond quickly to complaints. 

Responses from RAG in the case of negative complaints appear to be short and state the case has been referred to upper management.

On the BBB site, most of the reviews are positive, a handful are negative and one is average. It averages 4.56 out of 5 stars.

As for Trustpilot, RAG has earned 4.5 stars out of five and has mostly positive reviews.

Again, RAG seems to only respond to those who write glowing reviews.

On Yelp, RAG has only one review – and Yelp gives the company five stars, but lists an old address for RAG in Mission Viejo, Calif. Overall, the Yelp listing has not been updated.

What’s Good About Resort Advisory Group?

One plus about The Resort Advisory Group is that it states it offers a free consultation.

“The timeshare resolution process with the Resort Advisory Group is a seamless process that involves a free, no-obligation consultation to review and understand your unique case. A Resort Advisory Group representative, along with a timeshare attorney, will work with you to help relieve and terminate your timeshare contract.”

The Resort Advisory Group also has a detailed FAQ page on its website. These are beneficial because a lot of customers have questions about the company and its process used. Also, FAQ pages can address all the frequent questions and concerns that potential customers may have. 

According to RAG’s FAQ page, “Resort Advisory Group will complete an effective timeshare exit in 9-12 months.” 

Additionally, RAG states on its website it offers credit advocacy:

“US Credit Bureau is a premier service provider assisting clients with Personal Credit and Credit Repair services. They have a proven track record in supporting everyday people in the processing requirements to assist in achieving their goals.

“After working with many companies to upgrade our services and help in our commitment to advocacy and gaining freedom for our clients; Resort Advisory Group has decided to not only partner with US Credit Bureau but to bring their Credit process in-house. We have found a synergistic advantage in being able to connect both sides for the betterment of our clients. With the changes in the industry and the world fiscally, it just makes sense in a world that doesn’t always seem to make sense.”

“While Resort Advisory Group works in its process to resolve your contractual issues, the use of the US Credit Bureau’s credit processes will make sure that your credit is not left in the dark. If qualified, ask your Analyst about US Credit Bureau.”

What’s Bad About Resort Advisory Group?

RAG has various names and DBAs (Does Business As) it has used over the years, as well as different addresses and owners, and is mentioned in a few lawsuits and class action cases.

The website has a testimonial page with all glowing reviews and no bad ones, also no interaction from the RAG group on its testimonials page.

On the footer pages of its website, The Resort Advisory Group has “© 2020,” showing it has not been updated for the current year. 

Lawsuits Against Resort Advisory Group

RAG has been cited in various lawsuits and class action suits under different names:

From PR Newswire Nov. 16, 2020: 

“Diamond Resorts reported a lawsuit against Pandora Marketing (d/b/a Timeshare Compliance) and Intermarketing Media (d/b/a Resort Advisory Group) will proceed. A U.S. District Court Judge in California ruled that Diamond’s claims against Timeshare Compliance and Resort Advisory Group for allegations of false advertising, tortious interference with contractual obligations, and civil conspiracy will move forward. Diamond’s complaint alleges that Timeshare Compliance and Resort Advisory Group falsely advertise services to help timeshare owners out of their contracts.”

“According to the lawsuit, these companies lure timeshare owners into paying large upfront fees — sometimes as much as $118,000 — but fail to deliver any legitimate service. In reality, these companies and the lawyers and law firms they partner with including Slattery, Sobel & Decamp LLP; Del Mar Law Group LLP; Carlsbad Law Group LLP; JL “Sean” Slattery; Unlock Legal, APLC; McCroskey Legal; and Miranda McCroskey mislead timeshare owners into breaching their timeshare contracts, which results in foreclosure and a negative impact on the owners’ credit history. The lawsuit also alleges that Timeshare Compliance and Resort Advisory Group’s advertisements make several false claims, including that they have a legal method to cancel timeshare obligations, that customers would receive a “money-back guarantee” for results, and that heirs of timeshare owners are financially obligated to continue paying timeshare interests.

A ruling allowing the case to move forward outlines how these allegations supported claims for the Lanham Act false advertising, tortious interference, civil conspiracy, and violations of California’s unfair competition law. In a separate ruling, the court rejected arguments that California’s Anti-Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation Law (Anti-SLAPP) applied to Diamond’s claims. The court specifically held that communications made by defendants were not protected speech and were not made in connection with a matter of public interest.” 

Other lawsuits can be found below where the company is cited:

Online Reputation

Overall RAG seems to have a good to very good reputation if one is going by the testimonials and reviews from past and present clients, though some of them lack substance. It does have several negative comments as well from social media users and others.

For example, the RAG website has a slider with four testimonials that are all positive and filled with fluff.

On its Facebook page RAG has 4.7 out of five stars:

Here are some examples:

Chichi Lilian recommends Resort Advisory Group.

I sincerely thank God for directing me to such a legitimate expert trader for me, called victoria crypto For her perfect trading techniques, i invested with the little I was having, which was $500 and $7500 profit in 7 working day’s I highly recommend her for any person who truly want to trade for a better life, she guided me through my registration and trade for me too’ I never paid any withdrawal. And my profits was paid-out successfully.

Greg Majors doesn’t recommend Resort Advisory Group.

I’ve had a contract with RAG now for a year and a half almost and I’ve hardly gotten ANY communication. The only thing my wife and I get is that they are “working on it.” When I asked if I could get a copy of the paperwork that was sent to Wyndham almost six months ago they said of course; then nothing. Every time I call I get a voicemail and guess what…I don’t get a returned call or follow-up email. This company is just as bad as the timeshare companies themselves. All they want is your money and in the end you’re left high and dry with NOTHING!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Find a company or lawyer that will actually help you because RAG doesn’t care about you.

RAG seems to interact with only positive reviews on its social media platforms.

On Google: RAG has 4.2 stars out of five as of 12-1-21 and 33 mixed reviews. Here are some examples:

Resort Advisory Group Website

The Resort Advisory Group’s website is mediocre with an amateurish appearance. The colors are bright, and the fonts are large for older people to be able to read.

The website also offers several sections of what it does and touts itself as a leader:

“At the Resort Advisory Group, you have the peace of mind in knowing that we have a proven track record of successfully resolving unwanted timeshare contracts quickly and legally. Our experienced team of Advisors and Legal experts in the field of Timeshare Contracts have helped us achieve our A+ rating with the BBB.”

The  website lists its process step-by-step, which could be insightful for those who are just browsing: 

  • Enter and submit information 
  • Enter your contact information so we can send you a free booklet with explanations of what we will need to start our team of specialists on the path to resolving your timeshare contract. 
  • Return the booklet with the requested information. 
  • Advisor will schedule a call 
  • Our specialist will schedule a time for a 100% free consultation call to assess your timeshare contract. 
  • Advisor reviews your case 
  • Our specialist will prepare a file for your case advisor to review the case. 
  • Advisor discusses plan to exit the contract 

Your case advisor will contact you to discuss the plan to exit your timeshare contract. 

  • Our team begins the process of resolution 
  • Your case advisor will send you a service agreement that will allow our team of professionals to begin the process of resolving your timeshare contract. 
  • Liability letter sent to the developer 

We will provide you with a letter from the developer that relieves you of all further liability regarding the timeshare contract. 

  • Request a testimonial 

We will ask for your honest testimonial of the service we provided to exit your timeshare. 

Social Media Presence

RAG appears on various websites including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

It also appears that RAG uses TV, radio, and the Internet to advertise its services.

The Facebook page was last updated in June 2021, and in older posts responded to clients who left positive comments. It has more than 4,000 likes and more than 4,200 followers.

The Facebook page offers videos, but all are four years old or older and they seem outdated and silly in design.

On Instagram, the company has more than 180 posts and more than 160 followers.

On LinkedIn: Resort Advisory Group has 53 followers. 

It doesn’t mention who the CEO is, and the old address is still listed.

The Bottom Line

The world of timeshare exits is saturated by fraud, scams, and the like. It’s key to do your homework before signing on the dotted line (again) to make sure you’ve chosen the best timeshare exit company for your particular needs.

While The Resort Advisory Group is one of the oldest in the business, it does have some flaws (i.e., various mentions in lawsuits, and it uses several DBAs.) But those who have used the service and walked away seem to be happy, pleased, and grateful. Proceed with caution if deciding to use RAG and its services in the near future. If you’re uncertain, check out our recommendations for top companies to weigh your other options.


Who Owns Resort Advisory Group? 

It is not entirely clear as to who the owner is of RAG as an Internet search resulted in various names such as Intermarketing Media (d/b/a Resort Advisory Group) and various places is listed as an LLC.

Where is Resort Advisory Group Located?

Current address: 8961 Research Dr, Irvine, CA 92618. However other addresses are listed in Mission Viejo, CA, and Aliso Viejo, CA.

How is Resort Advisory Group Rated Online? 

Overall, it has mixed reviews, some very positive and glowing reviews, and testimonials as well as negative comments by unhappy and frustrated customers

What Days/Hours is Resort Advisory Group Open?

Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed Saturdays and Sundays.

Does AARP (or any Other Big Group) Endorse Resort Advisory Group?

Doesn’t appear to be endorsed by any groups, does have various TV station logos on its footer pages on its website but no links. 

What is the Contact Information for Resort Advisory Group?

8961 Research Dr, Irvine, CA 92618
(959) 207-3487
Main office: 888-237-8201
Fax: 888-217-8040