Gallagher Law Firm Ratings and Reviews: Check It Before You Exit Your Timeshare

Many timeshare owners get tired of ever-escalating fees and never getting the timeshare weeks that they wanted. Some of them look for timeshare exit companies to help them escape. Sometimes they don’t have to look. Some timeshare exit companies specialize in cold-calling timeshare owners and offering to get them out of their contracts. Gallagher Law Firm is one of those companies.

Companies approach timeshare owners for a reason. A University of Central Florida study found that 85% of timeshare owners regret their purchase, so they have a good chance of making a deal. Buyers should still beware. Cold-calling firms often have dubious practices and poor results, and Gallagher Law Firm is also one of those companies.

Let’s take a closer look at Gallagher Law, and why you should be careful if they call you.

Who Is Gallagher Law Firm and What Does It Do?

Gallagher Law Firm is based in Atlanta, Ga. The principal appears to be Charles Gallagher, a registered attorney in Georgia.

There is evidence that Gallagher Law has done business under other identities. The Gallagher Firm, a Florida LLC also owned by Charles Gallager, has been named as a defendant in a Florida lawsuit filed by Wyndham Resorts. Mr. Gallagher also appears to be a principal in another Florida LLC, Gallagher-Clifton, also a timeshare exit firm.

The current status of Gallagher Law Firm is not clear. The Georgia Secretary of State’s company database indicates that Gallagher Law Firm was formed on August 15, 2019, and dissolved on Sept 30, 2021.

The Company’s website at, which earlier reviews describe as “sleek” and “professional”, is no longer active and the domain is available.

A dissolved business and an inactive website indicate that Gallagher Law is not currently active under this identity. Since this Company has reappeared before under different but similar names, it’s still worth looking into their business practices.

With no website to work with, we can’t analyze the company’s own statements about its methods or the company’s disclosures about risks. We don’t know whether Gallagher Law Firm presents itself accurately or not. We do know from numerous reviews that the company initiates cold calls to timeshare owners, trying to persuade them to retain Gallagher’s timeshare exit services.

Gallagher Law Firm Timeshare Exit Costs

Most timeshare exit companies don’t advertise costs on their websites or public marketing materials. Costs are usually based on the complexity of the individual case, the time it will take, or in some cases what the timeshare exit company thinks it can get.

We can get a sense of costs from reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site, many of which cite costs paid by the reviewer. Based on these reviews, the costs charged by this timeshare exit company are extremely high. Reviewers describe payments of $13,500, $21,000, $28,000, even as high as $72,900.

Typical timeshare exit costs at most credible firms range from $3,000-$5,000, although they can be higher, especially if you have multiple contracts or properties.

Can You Trust Gallagher Law Firm?

There a no good reasons to trust this timeshare exit company. Aside from a track record of insanely high fees, the practice of cold-calling timeshare owners is a huge red flag. Reputable timeshare exit companies do not do business that way.

The company has an “F” rating from the BBB, with no response to or action on any complaints on the BBB page. The company is not accredited by the BBB.

We can’t find a record of lawsuits against Gallagher Law Firm, but Robert Gallagher, Gallagher-Clifton, and the Gallagher Firm are defendants in a Florida suit filed by Wyndham Resorts. The suit alleges, among other things, that the defendants misrepresented their services, claimed to be a law firm when they were not, and promised guarantees without delivering.

Many resort companies sue timeshare exit companies, but sometimes the accusations are accurate. The court will have to resolve the issues, but timeshare owners should be aware of the complaint.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are useful but have to be treated with care. Some companies place positive reviews on their own records. Some reviewers may not understand the company’s services or may have unrealistic explanations. In general, more detailed reviews are more likely to be authentic.

The BBB has 14 reviews of Gallagher Law Firm, with an average rating of 2.43 out of 5 stars. There are nine one-star reviews, all from 2021, claiming that the company did not perform or communicate. There are five five-star reviews, all from 2020, all claiming superb service and outstanding results.

This is not a pattern that indicates authenticity. Normally there should be two-star, three-star, and four-star reviews in the mix. Either the company’s services fell apart from 2020 to 2021, or the early reviews were planted to attract customers.

There are also 37 complaints on the BBB page. The content of the complaints is very similar: they claim that Gallagher Law Firm took their money and did nothing. These are some typical examples:

There are few reviews on other sites, but they follow the same pattern, divided into 5-star reviews with lavish praise but little detail and more detailed complaints coming from people who claim they were scammed.

The Bottom Line

Normally we’d look at a company’s website and social media presence to get a more complete picture of how they present themselves. In this case, that’s not possible. We don’t even know if the company is still in business, or if it will reappear in another form.

While it is possible to get out of a timeshare contract, not all timeshare exit companies are legitimate. Some are just another form of timeshare scam.

Based on the information available and the lack of any website, if you’re looking for a timeshare exit company, you may want to explore other options.


Who Owns Gallager Law Firm?

Gallagher Law Firm was registered by Charles Gallagher, a lawyer based in Atlanta, Ga.

Where is Gallagher Law Firm?

The registered address of Gallagher Law Firm is 3348 Peachtree Road, Suite 700, Atlanta, GA, 30326

What Days/Hours are Gallagher Law Firm Open

No office hours are listed and the office may be closed currently.

What is the Contact Information for Gallagher Law Firm?

The Better Business Bureau lists (800) 695-2069 as the phone number for Gallagher Law Firm.